3 Faces of a Margarita Part 3

#3 Willy B Style


What you will need to make 1 drink:

2 oz porfidio or don julio anejo or hussongs
1 lime wedge
1 lemon twist
splash(.25 oz) of Gran Mariner

1. Ice glass and squeeze lime over ice and roll around the glass.

2. Strain out excess liquid.(we only want a hint of lime)

3. Add Tequila

4. Twist Lemon over glass and rim edge of glass with it and drop in.

5. Top with a splash of Gran Mariner and stir.(just a touch)

6. Sit down, take your shoes off, and enjoy…preferably with a good cigar.

3 Faces of a Margarita Part 2

#2 Gameday (Redneck) Margarita


What you will need for 1 serving:

1.5 oz tequila
2 oz Light Beer
4 Key Limes
2 Lemons
1 Orange

1. Cut fruit in halves and squeeze into the blender.

2.  Add all other ingredients to a blender.

3. Add ice to the top of the liquid and Blend throughly.

4. Serve in mason jar with lime wedge.

5. Relax and enjoy(hopefully in front of an SEC game)!


Faces of a Margarita

I was sipping on some good tequila the last night and thinking what could be my next recipe. I want to continuously supply you with unique and imaginative drinks that can be made from home or that you can beg your bartender for. Because these cocktails are uncommon in either their ingredients or the way in which they are made, it’ll take a little persuasion to get these made by someone else. It came to me: What is a drink that I hate, not because the flavors aren’t there but because it is constantly made without care and subsequently tastes awful at almost every bar or restaurant. Margaritas. I despise them, mainly because I love good tequila and as long as I’ve worked in bars Sour Mix is my constant enemy. Not only does it make every drink taste terrible, its sticky and nasty to clean up and full of sugar, which will in turn give you a horrible hangover the next day. There are very few exceptions in which I actually want to use Sour Mix. These recipes are not one of them.

In this series I decided to write about all three types of margaritas I make most commonly since not everyone enjoys the same things and they can be used for different scenarios.

#1. Sunday Siesta Margarita

What you will need:

1.25 oz milagro
.5 oz cointreau
.50 oz Agave Nectar(can be bought at most local grocery stores)
3 Key Limes
2 Lemons
1 Orange

Sea or Margarita salt(optional)
Martini or Rocks Glass
Mixing tin with strainer

1. Cut one lime in half, long ways and then divide into 4 slices. Three of these are for the drink and 1 for the a garnish later.

2. Cut all the remaining limes and the lemons in half and squeeze juice into the mixing tin and discard the rinds.

3. Add tequila, cointreau, and agave nectar and fill mixer half full of ice.

4. Then cover and shake tin vigorously for 15-20 seconds.

5. Rim your glass with salt by using the last remaining lime wedge as a wet sticky material around the rim and then sprinkling salt.

6. Fill your glass with ice and strain your ingredients into the glass.

7. Cut the orange in halves and squeeze into your glass. This will give your drink a nice layered look, and add the straw so your guest can mix it as they please.

8. Finally garnish with the lime wedge and serve.

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