CLASSIC COCKTAILS: For Classy People and Other Interesting Characters

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What if people were raving about the fabulous and tasty classic cocktail recipes that you served at your dinner party last night? Your party would be an overnight sensation!

Everybody wants a successful party and offering something different that makes your guests go ‘Wow’ is sure to earn your reputation as a great party host.

These classic cocktail recipes were selected for taste appeal and classy look. The favorite dozen plus one cocktail recipes offered here are considered classics today.

Award winning Mixologist and Cocktail Craftsman William Batson has created a collection of his favorite 13 classic cocktail recipes that are easy to make and sure to please the palate of your most discerning guest.

In Classic Cocktails for Classy People and Other Interesting Characters you’ll also learn about the characters and the stories behind these cocktails such as the owner of a New Orleans bar in the 1800s who would line up 20 bartenders at a time just to shake one cocktail that drew travelers from around the country and is still named after him today.

Imagine serving the beautiful ruby red Negroni or an aromatic Manhattan while you entertain your friends and guests with the stories behind these classic cocktails.

These are fun and easy drinks to make that are also delightful to taste.

You’ll learn to make:

* “Professor’ Jerry Thomas’ version of the Brandy Crusta that he published in his classic book of 1882.
* The Boulevardier, an American version of the Negroni hand-crafted in France during Prohibition
* The famous Sazerac, proposed as the official drink of New Orleans and still offered today a many local bars and restaurants

In addition you’ll find:

The exotic Mai Tai served at Trader Vics that got it’s name when a visiting friend exclaimed “Mai Tai – Roa Ai “which in Tahitian means “out of this world – the best”!

And you’ll learn the entertaining story behind the Moscow Mule to share with your friends.

This book is as much entertainment as it is a collection of beautiful, classy and classic cocktail recipes which are served by none other than our own Birmingham bartenders on a daily basis.

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