Sherry Cobbler

The original cobbler! This family of drinks boast seasonal, fresh-fruity flavors with the addition of several types of spirits, but the original, Sherry, is where its at! The travels I’ve been on lately had me zigzag across the South, and this being the summer months I was in the mood for light, sunny cocktails for a change. Far and wide I searched for my dear friend the titillating tipple, but in New Orleans, during Tales of the Cocktail no doubt, I found myself set on the same sprite sip I had the year prior. At Bellocq, known for its crafty cocktail team and fancy octopus punch bowl, is where I return time and time again to rest my weary head and sit on a cobbler for a few. I managed to snag some info from the bar and came to a riff all our own. I give you the cobbler….

  • 2.5 ounces Amontillado Sherry (Lustau)
  • .5 ounces Apricot Liqueur (Rothman & Winter)
  • .25 ounces honey
  • 1 Orange wheel
  • Blackberries & ┬áMint for garnish

1. In a shaker tin, combine Sherry, Apricot Liqueur, Honey, and Orange wheel.
2. Fill a short glass with cobbled ice
3. Shake tin vigorously with ice and strain into glass
4. Add Blackberries and Mint for a dazzling effect
5. Chase the final days of summer, also for a dazzling effect.

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